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Development Analysis & Support


Growth in the energy and infrastructure sectors of emerging markets requires new build projects that are developed and managed in a way that will attract equity and debt investment.

WindRose Capital is structured on our belief that to achieve a profitable project, a special skill-set is required to originate, analyse and execute the development of assets. The construction process must then be properly managed to protect your returns.

WindRose Capital supports your needs through the provision of an appropriate development support team.  Our seasoned professionals specialise in bringing projects through the development and construction stages to operation. This includes management and development in the following areas:

  • Transactional: Commercial and financial analysis to run processes, execute due diligence and negotiate closings in a seamless manner, including liaising with technical teams to minimise stranded risks for the client
  • Technical: Provision and management of technical teams suited to the project’s technology and jurisdiction
  • Legal: In-house legal experience and deep relationships with legal firms in our targeted emerging markets.  We assist you in procuring and managing cost-efficient legal teams to enhance development and operational returns
  • Operational: Provision and management of a pool of experienced operators, project managers and developers - a key WindRose Capital differentiator ensuring the project’s planned structure and deliverables are executed in practice